Your Personal Story

Occasionally in life and in business, one person comes along who profoundly affects who we are and what we achieve, both as individuals and as companies. For those you’d like to honor, we offer the custom crafted Tribute Video. This can be as simple as photos transferred to video with titles and music, or as complex and layered as a full documentary with interviews and an expertly crafted story line.

Here we present a sample of our most popular style of Tribute Video. This one was created by Alan for his wife on the occasion of their 38th wedding anniversary. Enjoy!


And here are some selected Tribute videos from our collection:

“Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the video was SOOO well received.  Everyone just loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it.  We all laughed, we all cried.  Not a soul was left untouched in the room, it was such a beautiful tribute. The entire memorial came off so well.  It was a spectacular day, and so emotional.  I just wouldn’t have changed a thing! Thank you for making it happen.  It was really, really perfect.”  – Heidi Jacquin