Sutter Santa Rosa 2016 Employee Service Awards Montage

One of the things video is so good at is paying honest tribute to the people who work with us and for us, and doing it in a way that touches the hearts of those who view it. Sutter Health is a quite a large organization, but one that really values its employees and staff, and we’ve been privileged to work with several hospitals within the Sutter system over the years to produce videos for their annual local Employee Service Awards gatherings.

For Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital’s Service Awards banquet honoring those with work anniversaries in 2016, we produced this tribute video using employee photos as well as images dating back to their hire years to help transport everyone back to when it began for each of this year’s honorees. We hope you enjoy it.


Miss Sonoma County 2017

On March 4, 2017, we captured the 71st annual Miss Sonoma County Competition, sponsored by the Miss Sonoma County Scholarship Program. Featured that night were the finalists for Miss Sonoma County and also for Miss Sonoma County Teen in a two and a half hour event that included musical numbers and a wide array of demonstrations of talents from the various contestants. We are pleased to present the final coronations in the excerpt below, and are offering the complete event in both standard definition and high-def Blu-ray through our online store here.


Every 15 Minutes: Maria Carrillo High 2017

This is the third Every 15 Minutes video we’ve produced for Santa Rosa’s Maria Carrillo High School on behalf of the Santa Rosa Police Department. It is without a doubt, a labor of love for everyone involved, from the students to the officers and first responders, and we are pleased and grateful to have been able to play a part in the 2017 program. As with all the Every 15 Minutes program videos we’ve produced, the crash scene footage and following action were all filmed in a single day, and that footage edited overnight and added to a previously produced “backstory” segment to create a finished video that was shown at assembly the very next morning. WARNING: Contains graphic simulated injuries that some viewers may find disturbing.


Matt Martin: 2016 Leaders of the North Bay

This is the video we created for the North Bay Leadership Council for their 2016 Leaders of the North Bay awards. This video honors Matt Martin of Social Advocates of Youth (Caught in the Act of Leadership awardee) for his tireless work as a leader in the movement to get homeless youth off the streets of Sonoma County and back on track to becoming valuable contributors to the communities in which they live.


Andrew Giacomini: 2016 Leaders of the North Bay

For 2016 the North Bay Leadership Council selected a particularly noteworthy group of 5 individuals and businesses. This is the video we created for Andrew Giacomini, the “Building Community” awardee. Andrew has been instrumental in fostering community ties in Marin County, both on his own, and through the Buck Family Foundation where he serves on the Board.


Wendy Lopez: 2016 Leaders of the North Bay

For 2016 the North Bay Leadership Council selected a particularly noteworthy group of 5 individuals and businesses. This is the video we created to profile Wendy Lopez (Empowering the Latino Community awardee) and her work to bring health education and healthy eating (and brushing!) practices to Latino families in Sonoma County.


Cropmobster: 2016 Leaders of the North Bay

For 2016 the North Bay Leadership Council selected a particularly noteworthy group of 5 individuals and businesses. This is the video we created for Nick Papadopoulos and Cropmobster (Environmental Stewardship awardee) and their awesome social media campaign connecting farmers directly with consumers to move produce and other goods that are still viable but that would likely have gone to the landfill instead.


Cradle to Career

The Sonoma County Office of Education recently hosted a quarterly meeting of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, attended by County School Superintendents from all over the state. One of the highlights of the meeting was a panel discussion on the Cradle to Career Initiative recently implemented here. Because Cradle to Career is such a divergent concept, they wanted to introduce the audience to it through the stories and thoughts of those people “on the front lines.”

At their request, we produced this video which was presented prior to a lively panel discussion of this ground-breaking initiative.


TRG | Aston Martin – 2015 Rolex 24

The first event we shot for TRG | Aston Martin was the 2015 Rolex 24 in Daytona Beach. That was an awesome event with its own share of trials for the team, beginning with a crash with an uncontrolled Ferrari on the course, and followed later with a near miss with a pair of Porsches that we happened to film out on the track about 1:30am. That near miss caused some controversy, with the Porsche team claiming that the Aston Martin “closed the door” on one of their cars, an erroneous claim that was put to rest with our footage.

After returning to Petaluma, we sat down with team owner Kevin Buckler and talked about the weekend, then built a video specifically to tell the story. This is the result. We hope you enjoy it.


Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County: Thanking Our Families

The Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County opened its first subdivision in Santa Rosa’s Roseland neighborhood in 2005, with the express purpose of providing self-sustainably affordable housing for working families in Sonoma County, that otherwise could not afford to be homeowners in the cities and towns where they worked. It’s a model that has proven wildly successful since then, with multiple families transitioning into and out of Land Trust homes, all at below-market rates. And best of all, all of this with no financial investment by the Land Trust in any home beyond the original construction.

In celebration of these accomplishments, the Housing Land Trust wanted to say “thank you” to the families they serve, and we were asked to produce three videos specifically for that purpose. These videos center on four of the Housing Land Trust’s subdivisions in three communities:

Kali Subdivision in Santa Rosa (2005):


Southgate Subdivision in Petaluma (2007):


Sonata and Sorrento Square Subdivisions, Healdsburg: