Every 15 Minutes

Every 15 Minutes: Maria Carrillo High 2017

This is the third Every 15 Minutes video we’ve produced for Santa Rosa’s Maria Carrillo High School on behalf of the Santa Rosa Police Department. It is without a doubt, a labor of love for everyone involved, from the students to the officers and first responders, and we are pleased and grateful to have been able to play a part in the 2017 program. As with all the Every 15 Minutes program videos we’ve produced, the crash scene footage and following action were all filmed in a single day, and that footage edited overnight and added to a previously produced “backstory” segment to create a finished video that was shown at assembly the very next morning. WARNING: Contains graphic simulated injuries that some viewers may find disturbing.


Every 15 Minutes: Montgomery High School 2016

We’ve been producing videos for local high school Every 15 Minutes drunk driving awareness programs since 2009 (and been on shooting crews for them going back to 2001.) And though we’ve been producing them for Santa Rosa high schools since 2010, it wasn’t until March of 2016 we produced our first for Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, which we are pleased to present here.

For those unfamiliar with the program, a full-scale simulation of a fatal drunk driving accident is staged on a high school campus in front of the whole student body, complete with fire, police, ambulance and even a helicopter responding. We create a backstory video prior to the crash scene, then capture the unfolding action of the simulation, including following the student actors as they travel to the hospital ER, the county courthouse, and even the morgue. The resulting footage is edited overnight and the finished video is shown to the students at an assembly the very next day. The idea is to have them live (at least as much as possible) the tremendous level of response from the community and the serious consequences of a drunk driving accident.

Warning: contains graphic images designed to simulate the consequences of a fatal drunk driving accident.


Produced by Visual Story Media, LLC. Directed and edited by Alan Fitch. Camera operators: Robert Talbot, Breana Pozzi, Michael Nistler, Sheralise Burnett.


Every 15 Minutes: Rancho Cotate High School 2013

We crewed our first one of these way back in 2000 for Rancho Cotate High in Rohnert Park. In 2009, we actually produced the entire Rancho Cotate Every 15 Minutes video (including the intense overnight edit session to prepare the video for presentation to the student body the following day.)

Four years later, here we are again with a new crop of teenagers who not only face the dangers of drinking and driving, but have added texting into the mix of dangerous, distracted driving. We had five cameras on the field for the simulated crash scene, and four cameras followed the student actors as they played out the scenario in the hospital, county jail, and county morgue. We edited all that footage together with a backstory segment we filmed a couple of weeks prior, and present here the finished product, just as the students viewed it.

Warning: contains graphic images of simulated injuries. The injuries are only simulated, no one was actually injured at any time during the simulation.