Transfers / Duplications

Videotape, film and photo transfer to DVD.

They pile up in our parents’ home and in ours: reels of film, old videotape, boxes and albums full of photos. All of which will deteriorate over time. We can preserve all of these for you, bringing them all together in an archival form for preservation and enjoyment.

Old videotape, film and photos are family treasures to be protected. Let us help you pass them on to future generations of your family.

Videotape and film are subject to deterioration over time, even assuming you still have a machine that you can view them on that won’t chew them up while it plays them. Don’t risk losing those memories forever because you waited too long to do something. You owe it to those who will come after you to preserve those priceless images from the past, and we can help.

We transfer 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film to DVD or to your hard drive, as well as all consumer type videotape (plus BetaSP, too), and even large quantities of still photos. All work is done in our studio, none is sent out to be potentially lost in transit. We use special equipment designed for the purpose, and will handle your film and videotape as gently as if it were our own.

Call us at 707-762-5300 and begin preserving those family memories, today!