Your Personal Story

The bits and pieces of our daily lives, even the major events,  come and go so quickly that they are frequently left behindVSMfunnel only in memory, and then forgotten.

What a loss.

Our mission simply stated, is “to use creative storytelling to enable people to make positive connections to their past, and life-affirming connections to their future.” The services we offer in telling your personal story are a concerted effort to fulfill that mission.

Family Memories

Special services to preserve existing film, videotape and photographs in more durable digital form.

Event Coverage (Life Events Video Production)

Capturing those events that won’t come again, expertly and non-intrusively.

Tribute Videos

Acknowledging the lives and contributions of those who have influenced our lives and the lives of others.

Living Family Albums

Special do-it-yourself kits for inexpensively preserving personal family history that will otherwise be lost in time.