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Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital: Palliative Care

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital came to us with a problem: how to get across the concept of palliative care to the general public. Their Palliative Care Unit has been in existence for years, and yet is still misunderstood by many who would benefit greatly from the services they provide. We conducted interviews of physicians, staff and beneficiaries of Palliative Care and created this short video designed to bring a clearer understanding of just what Palliative Care is and what the benefits are.

We hope you will find it enlightening as well.

Client: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, California



COTS Leadership Transition

After 21 years at the helm of Petaluma’s COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) program, John Records is handing the reigns over to COO Mike Johnson. We created this video in the form of an informal conversation with John, Mike and Sandy Pfaff to give folks some insight into the changes afoot, John’s plans for the future, and Mike’s vision for COTS.


Who’s Who Revue!

Way back in the late 1990’s the Petaluma Valley Rotary Club sponsored an annual fund-raiser known as the “Who’s Who Star Revue,” which was an outrageously fun (and funny!) lip sync show featuring local celebrities in costumed, choreographed numbers. It ran for six years, from 1996 through 2001, and may have actually launched the show business careers of, of . . .   well, we’re not sure.

One thing is for sure – the Who’s Who Revue lives on in the memories of those who participated and witnessed it. Fortunately, we were on hand for five of those six years to capture the hilarity for posterity. Here for your enjoyment is a 7 minute sampler of memorable Who’s Who numbers from years gone by.

P.S. All six previous shows, 1996-2001, are available for order on DVD from our storefront on this website.



2013 Petaluma Community Foundation Grantees

We were pleased to have the opportunity recently to produce a short video profiling the non-profit organizations receiving grants from the Petaluma Community Foundation.  Petaluma has many very high quality non-profit organizations and a local community base that supports their works. If you are a donor, however, it’s not always easy to select which ones you would like to actively support with donations, because of the sheer number of worthy organizations available. The Petaluma Community Foundation removes that speedbump by doing the due diligence work to identify those local nonprofits most in need of assistance for various programs. As a donor then, all that is necessary is to donate to a single point: the Petaluma Community Foundation and know that your moneyis being sent locally where it most needs to go.

Here for your enjoyment is the video that we produced for them this year.



Sutter Santa Rosa “Topping Out” Celebration

We’ve produced a number of videos for Sutter Santa Rosa Medical Center over the last few years, and this one marks a significant milestone: the “topping out” or placement of the final steel beam in the construction of what will be the newest, most state-of-the-art hospital in the North Bay.

In this video, the hospital staff and county officials take a moment to describe the changes and benefits this new hospital will bring.


North Bay Leadership: Marin Carbon Project

2012 was the second year the North Bay Leadership Council has asked us to produce their annual Leadership awards videos. One of the five we produced profiled John Wick and Peggy Rathman, the folks behind the Marin Carbon Project. We spent a few hours on a beautiful fall day with John and Peggy out among the trees and rolling grassland of Nicasio to create this short profile of their fascinating discovery and its implications for massive reductions in atmospheric CO2.


COTS: Homeward Bound

Each year for the last six years, we’ve been privileged to create a very special video highlighting the essential services provided by Petaluma’s Committee on the Shelterless (COTS). Each video we’ve produced for COTS forms an integral part of their annual fundraising breakfast, pulling the audience into the stories of those who benefit in truly life changing ways from their passage through homelessness and out the other side, thanks to COTS.

Here for your education and enjoyment, we present the 2011 COTS video, “Homeward Bound.”


Sonoma Country Day School: La Dolce Vita Fundraiser

One of the things we like most about this line of work is the variety of projects we get to produce.

Sonoma Country Day School, a private K-8 school in Santa Rosa, California, has an annual fund-raiser called “La Dolce Vita” (“the sweet life”) that they put on toward the end of each school year. Over the years, we’ve produced a number of videos for the parents of two of the school’s students, and this year these parents approached us about putting together the keynote video for the 2012 La Dolce Vita.

We were provided with a couple hundred still photos and some video of school presentations from the current year, to which we added footage that we gathered during a half-day visit to the campus with Heidi (the mom) serving as “director” of the shoot. The whole purpose of the video was to remind the event attendees (most of whom were parents or relatives of students) what a great place Sonoma Country Day School is, how much their kids are getting out of attending there, and get them excited and willing to help contribute to the continued financial health of the school.

We are pleased to say the video and the event were a resounding success, and to present the video here for your enjoyment.