KRCB-TV Expressions: 2008-2009 Videos Now Online

From 2005 through 2010, we produced a number of short “interstitial” videos for our local PBS station, KRCB-TV. They were so much fun that not too long ago we created a Vimeo channel for them so that everyone could enjoy some of the people and places that make Sonoma County such a great place to live. We’re pleased to announce that two more seasons (2008: Sonoma County Choral Groups and 2009: Sonoma County Bike Trails) of Expressions videos are now on line for your enjoyment.

Click here to go to our Expressions Channel on Vimeo.



KRCB-TV: Expressions Series

Over the years, we’ve produced quite a number of short, 1-3 minute “interstitial” videos for local PBS station KRCB-TV. These are short videos that typically go into the three minute slot at the end of a half hour show (which actually only runs 27 minutes.) The Expressions series was created to celebrate the places and people that make Sonoma County such a special place, have have covered all manner of topics, from local dance and theater groups, to hiking and biking trails.

While it was a great deal of fun creating these, it’s even more fun to be able to share them. Enjoy!