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Sonoma Country Day School: La Dolce Vita Fundraiser

One of the things we like most about this line of work is the variety of projects we get to produce.

Sonoma Country Day School, a private K-8 school in Santa Rosa, California, has an annual fund-raiser called “La Dolce Vita” (“the sweet life”) that they put on toward the end of each school year. Over the years, we’ve produced a number of videos for the parents of two of the school’s students, and this year these parents approached us about putting together the keynote video for the 2012 La Dolce Vita.

We were provided with a couple hundred still photos and some video of school presentations from the current year, to which we added footage that we gathered during a half-day visit to the campus with Heidi (the mom) serving as “director” of the shoot. The whole purpose of the video was to remind the event attendees (most of whom were parents or relatives of students) what a great place Sonoma Country Day School is, how much their kids are getting out of attending there, and get them excited and willing to help contribute to the continued financial health of the school.

We are pleased to say the video and the event were a resounding success, and to present the video here for your enjoyment.