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COTS: Overcoming Obstacles to a Bright Future

It’s been a number of years now that we’ve been producing videos for Petaluma’s Committee on the Shelterless (COTS). Each year’s video takes center stage at their annual fundraising breakfast, to tell the story of those who have benefited from COTS services, and those families whose futures are bright thanks to the learning and resources COTS provides.

This year marks twenty-five years that COTS has been making a difference in peoples’ lives, and in addition to chronicling the hardships and new hope of a young mother and daughter, we also took a look back at the beginnings of COTS and acknowledged all the people who contribute so much to its success.


COTS Leadership Transition

After 21 years at the helm of Petaluma’s COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) program, John Records is handing the reigns over to COO Mike Johnson. We created this video in the form of an informal conversation with John, Mike and Sandy Pfaff to give folks some insight into the changes afoot, John’s plans for the future, and Mike’s vision for COTS.


COTS: Homeward Bound

Each year for the last six years, we’ve been privileged to create a very special video highlighting the essential services provided by Petaluma’s Committee on the Shelterless (COTS). Each video we’ve produced for COTS forms an integral part of their annual fundraising breakfast, pulling the audience into the stories of those who benefit in truly life changing ways from their passage through homelessness and out the other side, thanks to COTS.

Here for your education and enjoyment, we present the 2011 COTS video, “Homeward Bound.”