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Hansen and Miller: Tubbs Fire 30 Second Commercial Spot

The Santa Rosa law firm of Hansen and Miller called on us to produce a series of commercials targeting those who, like attorney Roy Miller, lost their homes, loved ones, or suffered other damage in the Tubbs fire in early October of 2017. This is one of the short spots we produced for them.

Santa Rosa Symphony: New Conductor Promo Video

We always feel blessed to work with the wonderfully talented folks at the Santa Rosa Symphony. With Director Bruno Ferrandis’ departure, the Symphony auditioned five awesome candidates for Director over a period of six months, assigning each one the task of conducting the Symphony in performance of challenging pieces. The public was actively invited to participate in the selection process, and to help generate interest (and concert attendance), we poduced five promo videos featuring the Symphony’s Historian, Kayleen Asbo, bringing insight and anticipation for each of the concerts.

Here is one of the videos we produced in this series for the Symphony.