Personal History Interview Kits

Personal History Interview Kits

Personal History Interview Kits. These are do-it-yourself video interview kits complete with instructions for shooting the interviews, diagrams of how to set up the equipment and frame the shots, and detailed scripts of insightful questions to ask. These will enable you to easily create lasting histories of family members.

  • Grandparent Video Kit

    Grandparent Video Interview Kit (2nd Edition)

    *Newly updated and now downloadable! Changes include a new script section on the Mid-Century (1950’s and 1960’s) and revised instructions covering digital cameras, phones and tablets. Updated throughout.

    Grandparents Video Interview Kit, Second Edition. Includes Producer’s Guide, Cameraperson’s Guide, Interviewers Guide Book, Interviewee Letters, Interviewers Script and Directions, Introduction Forms, Interviewee Profile Forms, News Highlights Forms and more.

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    Pre-Wedding Video Interview Kit

    **Closeout Pricing**

    Pre-Wedding Video Interview Kit. Includes full instructions with diagrams, Interviewer’s Script and Directions (over 100 questions.)

    $14.95 $4.95
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    Child’s Annual Video Interview Kit

    Child’s Annual Video Interview Kit. Includes “How to Interview Children”, instructions on producing the interview, Camera Person’s Guide, and Interviewer’s Script.

    $29.95 $19.95