Non-profit Organizations

Pepperwood Preserve: Sunset Celebration 2018

Pepperwood Preserve oversees a 3,200 acre nature preserve in Sonoma County as a living laboratory to engage students, volunteers, and scientists in applied conservation. Once a year they host a special “Sundown Celebration” as a thank you to their many dedicated donors. In 2018 the celebration was even more poignant with the devastation of the October 2017 fires still so evident. At their request, we were pleased to create this short remembrance of that evening.


Santa Rosa Symphony: New Conductor Promo Video

We always feel blessed to work with the wonderfully talented folks at the Santa Rosa Symphony. With Director Bruno Ferrandis’ departure, the Symphony auditioned five awesome candidates for Director over a period of six months, assigning each one the task of conducting the Symphony in performance of challenging pieces. The public was actively invited to participate in the selection process, and to help generate interest (and concert attendance), we poduced five promo videos featuring the Symphony’s Historian, Kayleen Asbo, bringing insight and anticipation for each of the concerts.

Here is one of the videos we produced in this series for the Symphony.


Leaders of the North Bay 2017

It’s always such a pleasure to work with Cynthia Murray at the North Bay Leadership Council each year in honoring organizations and individuals who exemplify the best of what it means to be a leader in the North Bay region, north of San Francisco. This year’s awardees continue the tradition, and we are pleased to present their videos here. Enjoy!

First up, the Pepperwood Preserve in Sonoma County. In light of their work around global warming and increasing drought, it was especially poignant to learn how much of the Preserve was burned by the Tubbs fire only two weeks after we recorded this video.

The Maker Movement is old and new at the same time, and Patrick Harper of Keysight Technologies was instrumental in creating a special place in Sonoma County for Makers to congregate and to, well, make things.

Teen Services Sonoma was this year’s awardee for “Empowering the Latino Community” but they provide much needed employment readiness training and job opportunities for all teens in the Sonoma city area.

New this year was the award “From Red Tape to Red Carpet: Leadership in Government” honoring effective, innovative leadership in local government. Kimberly Carroll was the first recipient of this award, and rightfully so for her work toward upping both new landlord buy-in and tenant satisfaction with low income housing in Marin County.

This year’s awardee for Community Building was Susan McQuaid of Marin CASA, a unique and under appreciated organization providing advocacy and support services to children who, usually through no fault of their own, find themselves in the court system with little to no options. Their work as advocates truly changes lives.


Housing Land Trust: First Responders

It really makes sense for first responders (police officers, firefighters and others) to live in the communities that they serve. The community benefits from a quick response time and from the personal connection that comes from being an actual resident and not an “outsider.” Unfortunately, the cost of housing is Sonoma County is high, making it extremely difficult if not impossible for these service providers to live in the communities in which they work. The Housing Land Trust model directly answers that challenge. At their request, we produced this video profiling two first responders and their families, and how one community directly benefits from the Housing Land Trust’s model of affordable housing. We are pleased to present that video here and invite you to contact them to find out more about supporting their efforts.



Cradle to Career

The Sonoma County Office of Education recently hosted a quarterly meeting of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, attended by County School Superintendents from all over the state. One of the highlights of the meeting was a panel discussion on the Cradle to Career Initiative recently implemented here. Because Cradle to Career is such a divergent concept, they wanted to introduce the audience to it through the stories and thoughts of those people “on the front lines.”

At their request, we produced this video which was presented prior to a lively panel discussion of this ground-breaking initiative.


Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County: Thanking Our Families

The Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County opened its first subdivision in Santa Rosa’s Roseland neighborhood in 2005, with the express purpose of providing self-sustainably affordable housing for working families in Sonoma County, that otherwise could not afford to be homeowners in the cities and towns where they worked. It’s a model that has proven wildly successful since then, with multiple families transitioning into and out of Land Trust homes, all at below-market rates. And best of all, all of this with no financial investment by the Land Trust in any home beyond the original construction.

In celebration of these accomplishments, the Housing Land Trust wanted to say “thank you” to the families they serve, and we were asked to produce three videos specifically for that purpose. These videos center on four of the Housing Land Trust’s subdivisions in three communities:

Kali Subdivision in Santa Rosa (2005):


Southgate Subdivision in Petaluma (2007):


Sonata and Sorrento Square Subdivisions, Healdsburg:


Santa Rosa Symphony Music Education

The Santa Rosa Symphony is the resident orchestra at the Green Music Center in Sonoma County, and calls Weill Hall (a world-class concert hall virtually identical to Tanglewood) its home. The Symphony has a very strong commitment to music in local schools with a wide array of programs starting with second and third-graders (“Simply Strings) and going all the way through programs for high school students and beyond. While their patrons are aware of these programs, many of them are pretty much unknown outside of the Symphony supporters. The Symphony came to us to produce several videos designed to introduce their programs to the general public and encourage local support.

This is one of the ones we created for them.


2014 Leaders of the North Bay

All of our Leaders of the North Bay videos are available for viewing on our special Leaders of the North Bay channel on Vimeo.

The 2014 Leaders of the North Bay have been announced and awards presented at this year’s celebratory luncheon by the North Bay Leadership Council.  We were pleased to be asked again this year to produce videos highlighting the five awardees:

  • Jim Farley, “Caught In The Act of Leadership”
  • Willie Tamayo, “We’re All In This Together”
  • Marin Sanitary Service, “Paint the Community Green”
  • The Buck Institute for Research on Aging, “The Light Bulb Went On”
  • La Luz Center, “Empowering the Latino Community”

KRCB-TV: Expressions Series

Over the years, we’ve produced quite a number of short, 1-3 minute “interstitial” videos for local PBS station KRCB-TV. These are short videos that typically go into the three minute slot at the end of a half hour show (which actually only runs 27 minutes.) The Expressions series was created to celebrate the places and people that make Sonoma County such a special place, have have covered all manner of topics, from local dance and theater groups, to hiking and biking trails.

While it was a great deal of fun creating these, it’s even more fun to be able to share them. Enjoy!


COTS: Overcoming Obstacles to a Bright Future

It’s been a number of years now that we’ve been producing videos for Petaluma’s Committee on the Shelterless (COTS). Each year’s video takes center stage at their annual fundraising breakfast, to tell the story of those who have benefited from COTS services, and those families whose futures are bright thanks to the learning and resources COTS provides.

This year marks twenty-five years that COTS has been making a difference in peoples’ lives, and in addition to chronicling the hardships and new hope of a young mother and daughter, we also took a look back at the beginnings of COTS and acknowledged all the people who contribute so much to its success.