Marketing / Promo

Rachel Nixon: Oya

While we always strive to produce videos that are worthy reflections of the real life they portray, every once in a while we are invited to step outside “the usual” and work in an arena largely unfamiliar to us. This was the case when Rachel Nixon of Urban Elements Salon in Petaluma asked us to produce a video to be used in a world-wide competition sponsored by Davines, a renowned producer of environmentally friendly and healthy products for hair stylists. We spent an entire day in the salon capturing Rachel’s magic, then added additional material captured at the photo shoot the following day on the beautiful Sonoma Coast.

This was the result. We hope you enjoy it.


Dow Pharmaceuticals: A Fungus Among Us

Dow Pharmaceuticals, highly regarded developer of topical drug products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, recently completed a major project in creating an effective topical treatment for (ugh) toenail fungus. After literally years of hard work, setbacks and all kinds of challenges, they wanted to acknowledge the hard work, tenacity and downright stubbornness of their staff and employees that finally brought this product to market, so they called us in to produce a high-energy, fun retrospective of the entire process.

And no, this is not a gross video at all.

Here for your enjoyment, is the finished result:


Serial Website Videos: Boden Plumbing

One of the most effective ways to move up in the search engine rankings, is to have video on your website, and one of the most effective ways to use video, is to have more than one available for your audience. A great way to accomplish this is to create a series of short (60-90 seconds)  informational videos around your area of expertise, which is exactly what we did for Boden Plumbing in Sonoma, California. We created two series, the first consisting of nine videos featuring Terry Boden, the founder and owner of Boden Plumbing, and a second series of 20 videos featuring son and manager of the business, Casey Boden.

Here are some tips about washing machine hoses:


Have you ever wondered whether or not those drop-into-the-tank toilet bowl cleaners are safe? Here Casey answers your question:


Geared For Growing

We recently had the opportunity to work with owner Richard Plaxco at Geared For Growing landscape architects to produce several videos for their website. Based on our experience out in the field interviewing homeowners and Richard’s expert staff, it’s no wonder these folks have been racking up California Landscape Contractor’s Association awards for years!

We created an introductory video to familiarize viewers with Geared for Growing’s operation, philosophy and mission; and two “case study” videos featuring specific landscape projects and the homeowners who commissioned them. The sweep of the landscaping we were dealing with allowed us to bring along some more specialized equipment in the form of a jib arm (to get those majestic rising shots.) We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed creating them.


Circa Corporation: Belts Made In America

A few years back we had an opportunity to produce a video showing how Circa Corporation, an American company based in South San Francisco turns out high quality leather belts sold through a number of pretty high-line clients (you’ll see a list of a few at the end of the video.) For this video, we wanted a feel that was upbeat and energetic without being frantic (as so many promo videos are these days.) It had to be fun to watch, and leave the viewer wanting to see it again. We also decided that voiceover and a lot of explanation would actually detract from the message we wanted to deliver, so this video was produced without any voice, and aside from opening title and closing client list, there are no titles in the piece.

We let the video do all the talking, and we think it delivers. Take a look and see if you agree.

And yes, the lady assembling the buckles onto the belts is really as fast as it appears — we did not adjust the speed in the video at all.


Santa Rosa Connections at Ledson Winery

The new Santa Rosa Connections group on LinkedIn is continuing to grow at a phenomenal pace, and it was easy to see why at the mixer they hosted at Ledson Winery in Santa Rosa. In addition to the big group scene, attendees broke up into small groups for a much more personal and relaxed opportunity to make meaningful business connections.

We produced this video for them to capture the flavor of the second face-to-face meeting, all within the setting of one of Sonoma County’s most picturesque (and tasty!) wineries.

Venue: Ledson Winery, Santa Rosa


Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital: Palliative Care

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital came to us with a problem: how to get across the concept of palliative care to the general public. Their Palliative Care Unit has been in existence for years, and yet is still misunderstood by many who would benefit greatly from the services they provide. We conducted interviews of physicians, staff and beneficiaries of Palliative Care and created this short video designed to bring a clearer understanding of just what Palliative Care is and what the benefits are.

We hope you will find it enlightening as well.

Client: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, California



COTS Leadership Transition

After 21 years at the helm of Petaluma’s COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) program, John Records is handing the reigns over to COO Mike Johnson. We created this video in the form of an informal conversation with John, Mike and Sandy Pfaff to give folks some insight into the changes afoot, John’s plans for the future, and Mike’s vision for COTS.


Santa Rosa Connections

Funny how things can sometimes work in reverse. LinkedIn is a great resource for business people to connect and build a truly useful network of valuable resources, quickly and easily. Doug and Bob Duffield started the Santa Rosa Connections group on LinkedIn, and are now manifesting it locally with regularly scheduled mixers where members can come face to face to really explore those connections.

This is the video we produced for them to give folks a little taste of what the excitement is all about.